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Kokoda Challenge PNG Countdown

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#1 Boss Meri

Boss Meri

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Posted 22 July 2007 - 02:07 PM

On the 25th August we will be running the annual Kokoda Challenge race in two different directions on the Kokoda Trail or as some say Kokoda Track.

Our very first race was in 2005 when John Hunt Hiviki sent the record for the fastest ever crossing from Kokoda to Owers' Corner in 22 hours and 1 minute

In August 2006 a little unknown guy originally from Goroka who now calls Kokoda home, by the name of Brendan Buka set a new record from Owers' Corner to Kokoda in an unbelievable time of 17 hours 49 minutes.

This year we are running the race in two different directions at the same time with two records up for grabs as follows:

Trek 344 -  KOKODA CHALLENGE - Ower's Cnr. to Kokoda -  2 days 25/08/07 to 26/08/07
  • Megan Davidson
  • Damian Caniglia
  • John Lindsay
  • Nick Cameron
  • Rohan George
  • Michael Le Roux
  • Geoff Honey

Trek 345 -  KOKODA CHALLENGE - Kokoda to Ower's Cnr. -  2 days 25/08/07 to 26/08/07
  • Grant Jephcott
  • Daniell Cowley
  • Anna Dunn
  • Lorraine Lawson
  • Larry Lawson
PNG porters and guides usually only put their names down at the last minute.

PLEASE NOTE: For anyone considering sponsoring a porter or guide or anyone else in PNG, registrations close on the 15th August.
  • Photograph 1:  Winner of our 2006 race, Brendan Buka
  • Photograph 2:  Winner of our 2005 race,  John Hunt Hiviki

Attached Images

  • Brendan_Buka.jpg
  • John_Hunt_Winner.jpg

#2 Boss Meri

Boss Meri

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Posted 22 July 2007 - 02:24 PM

Prize money is as follows:

If a record is broken, there is a prize of K10,000.00 for the winner of both races. If the record is not broken the prize money is K5,000.00.

The burning questions.....will either record be broken in August 2007 ? ? ?

#3 Boss Meri

Boss Meri

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Posted 27 July 2007 - 12:36 AM

Its OFFICIAL, Brendan Buka has signed up for this years challenge and has chosen to chase John Hunt Hiviki's record of 22 hours 1 minute.

Two other guys returning from Australia today, namely, Cyprian Haera and Cyprian Aire have both also chosen to commence from the Kokoda end.  This is what I suspect, the majority of our KTL boys will want to start in Kokoda......will keep this area updated as applications start filtering back into Port Moresby before the 15th August deadline.

Photograph:  tks to a new member on our forum, Gaza, here is a photograph of Brendan Buka as he appeared in a Gold Coast newspaper today 26th July when he was at Movie World.  I asked him about the rides and he said he was very scared but loved them...said he would have to 'win' again as he wanted to go back to Australia!

Attached Images

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#4 Boss Meri

Boss Meri

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Posted 27 July 2007 - 12:44 AM

Two guys arrived in Port Moresby ready for a training run/walk commencing tomorrow by flying into Kokoda and walking back to Owers' Corner which they hope to reach on Sunday morning.

Grant Jephcott and Daniell Cowley hail from Goroka here in PNG and between them do a fair bit of walking and adventure long distance racing....I mean 6 day events.

Its their first time on the track so will wait to hear on Sunday their comments about their goals as to the times they hope to achieve come race day!

#5 Boss Meri

Boss Meri

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 07:09 PM

Update 13th August: As expected, PNG guys are now starting to put down their names...yes...they leave it right to the last even though they know its a yearly event.

Today the following names were added:

Tony Kose - sponsored by Zorica Glisic
Jeffrey Boropi - sponsored by trek 394
Lancelot Geroai - sponsored by trek 394
Robin Jons Mungeri - sponsored by PNG Trekking
Clarenson Ovivi - sponsored by PNG Trekking
Jenen Barai - sponsored by PNG Trekking

Have also heard from Kokoda today that there is plenty of interest from our own KTL boys and others.  Two have registered from Popondetta.

Deadline is Wednesday 15th August so we will know by then just who is lining up for this years KOKODA CHALLENGE here in PNG

#6 Boss Meri

Boss Meri

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Posted 14 August 2007 - 10:18 PM

STOP THE PRESS: Our very first PNG woman has joined the race.  I am yet to receive her application form from Kokoda but am led to believe she is the daughter of a woman who entered Bert Kienzle's race in 1975 and who came second.  Will tell you more as soon as I receive her application tomorrow along with others from Grace Eroro based in Kokoda who has been collecting them for us.  

She will do a training run/walk late this week in preparation for the race and will then wait here in Port Moresby and will start from Owers' Corner.

The overseas female competitors now have local competition!

#7 Kokoda


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Posted 17 July 2011 - 05:11 AM

The race will be held on the 27th of August 2011.

The race is limited to 70 competitors with 20 places being reserved for international competitors.

To enter the race click here.

For further information please contact us.

Australian Office - Gold Coast

Nathan Thomas

Phone Office : (07) 55 716 512

Mobile Phone : 0415 499 495

Email : trekking@kokodatrail.com.au
Kokoda Challenge Race Details

Race will commence at 7am on the 27th August at Owers' Corner and will finish at the Kokoda Rotary Memorial Hospital Archway. If you want to win this race, you will have to plan to only stop at checkpoints as Brendan Buka and other serious competitors do not sleep but continue through the night.

For non Papua New Guinea citizen competitors, the cost of this trek is $2650 AUD as it involves several check points which have to be manned; 2 nights accommodation; chartered aircraft both into the track itself and in and out of Kokoda; staff to be flown into the check points; food at checkpoint; trek permits; sat phone communication at all check points; radio communication; village contributions; staff in Kokoda to man the finish line; accommodation at Orohaven Kokoda Retreat. Accommodation for international competitors will be at Sogeri Lodge as its closer to the drop off point of Owers' Corner.

For Papua New Guinea Citizen national entrants the cost will be $1000 AUD. Why not sponsor your favorite guide or porter.

To enter the race click here.

Competitors for 2011 :

1. Brendan Buka - Local Entrant - (sponsored by Kokoda Trekking) - record time to beat 16:34:05
2. Tom Hango
3. Wayne Urina
4. Cyprian Aire
5. Jessie Aire
6. Grant Jephcott -International Entrant
7. Daniell Cowley -International Entrant
8. Anna Padarath -International Entrant
9. Matt McLaughlin - International Entrant
10. Christie Kermeen -International Entrant
11. Christiana King
12. Darren Rohan
13. Aimee Pomare
14. Rolando Rivas


1. Ioribaiwa Village
2. Naoro
3. Menari
4. Efogi
5. Myola Junction/1900
6. Eora Creek
7. Isurava Village
8. Hoi Village
9. Kokoda Memorial Hospital

Results from last Kokoda Challenge

The race started at 7:00 am. The following times are the arrival times at the check points.

Checkpoint 2 - Naoro Village: Brendan Buka - Time - 10:50 AM
Checkpoint 3 - Menari Village : Brendan Buka - Time 12:30 PM
Checkpoint 4 - Efogi Village - the 1/2 way point: Brendan Buka - Time 2:10 PM
Brendan passed through Templeton's Crossing at 6:06 PM
Checkpoint 6 - Eora Creek: Brendan Buka - Time 7:14pm PM
Kokoda - Finish Line - Brendan Buka - Time 23:34 PM

Two aussies, Don Wallace clocked in at 9:50 PM and Michael Le Roux at 9:57 PM at Eora Creek.
Final Race Results 2008

1st - Kokoda Hospital - BRENDAN BUKA (Kokoda Trekking KTL) - Time 16:34:05
2nd - WAYNE URINA (Kokoda Trekking KTL) - Time 18:34:06
3rd - CYPRIAN AIRE (Sponsored by Rohan George) - Time 19:11:40
4th - JESSIE AIRE (Kokoda Trekking KTL) - Time of 19:14:15
5th - KELLY AMOS (SAMSON) (Fuzzy Wuzzy Expeditions- CARDNO - ACIL) - Time 20:21:38
6th - MICHAEL LE ROUX (South African now an Australian) - Time 20:26:03
7th - HORACE YAUGA (Kokoda Trekking KTL) Time 20:35:27
8th - ANDREW YAUGA (Kokoda Trekking KTL) Time 20:38:35
Kokoda Challenge Competitors 2011

The following competitors are running in 2011.

If you are running, please email us a picture and profile and we will uppdate this page.
Brenden Buka

    Age : 25
    Location : Kokoda


The fastest man to run the Kokoda Track in a record setting pace of (16 hours 34 minutes - Ower's Corner to Kokoda).

Brendan hold's the record for both dirctions.
Matt McLaughlin

    Age : 40
    Location : Hong Kong


Coast to Coast, NZ, 2003
Ironman NZ 2004
Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, San Francisco 2005
Los Angeles Triathlon, California 2005
Terra Incognita, 5 day non-stop race, Croatia 2004 + 2007
Keen Adventure Race, 5 day stage race, Melbourne, 2008
XPD Australia, 10 day non-stop race, Cairns, 2010
Wulong Mountain Quest, 4 day stage race, China 2010
Sabah Adventure Challenge, 3 day stage race, Malaysian Borneo 2006 + 2008
Oxfam Trailwalker, 100km trail race, Hong Kong 2005
The North Face Moganshan race, China 2006
The 4 Peaks Race, 36 hour sailing and running race, Hong Kong 2005, 2006, 2010
North Face River Kwai Trophy race, Thailand 2009 + 2010
Action Asia Adventure races 2005-2010: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan
Lake to Lighthouse Challenge, 2 day stage race, NZ 2008
Dubai Triathlon, the Middle East 2009
Green Power, 50km trail run, Hong Kong 2010
Competitor in Ironman NZ 2011 (to be held in March 2011)

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